Quick Change Blanket Bars
Ryobi   -   Itek  -  AB Dick

Never waste time again changing a blanket. A job that can take half an hour can be completed in a couple of minutes with the Quick Change Blanket Bars.

Remove the blanket with the existing metal bar. After the blanket is off the press, remove the metal retainer ends from the blanket.


Attach the Quick Change Blanket Bars with the four bolts provided. These bars are left on the blanket cylinder permanently.

Remove the blanket and the metal blanket ends from the press. Attach The Quick Change Blanket Bars with the four fasteners provided. There are threaded holes in the press cylinder so there is no drilling and tapping required.

Hook the blanket over the pins. Only finger tighten the center tension wheel. Make a few impressions and the blanket will stabilize. Finger tighten again. Careful! Too much force tightening with the center tension wheel may eventually tear out the holes in the blanket.

Do envelopes give you trouble? Cut a blanket in half. This works better than printing with a full width blanket  because there is more flex in the narrower width making it less likely to develop low spots from the various envelope thickness  crushing the blanket. And by placing a sheet of 70# under the blanket, set the impression to 1 or 2, you will get the nicest tones and solids you ever saw.


Now  changing the press from sheets to envelopes is a joy instead of a job. These bars are available for Ryobi 2700, 2800, 3200 and 3200M and Itek 950, 960, 975 and 985. Granthams has been manufacturing these bars since 1980 and are in stock for immediate shipment.



Quick Change Blanket Bars
Ryobi 2700 & 2800 and Itek 950 & 960


   Postpaid, Priority Mail . . . . . . . . . .  $89



Quick Change Blanket Bars
Ryobi 3200 and Itek 975
Postpaid, Priority Mail . . . . . . . . . .  $89


Quick Change Blanket Bars
Ryobi 3200M and Itek 985
Postpaid, Priority Mail . . . . . . . . . .  $89


Quick Change Blanket Bars for 2 Color


Ryobi 3302     Itek 3985     AB Dick 9985




1.  Remove the existing bars and blanket from the blanket cylinders.


2.  Next, remove the blanket tension assembly. There are two 5mm allen head screws on each side of the assembly. These screws are quite tight, so use a T handle allen wrench to remove them. Also, notice the masking tape applied to the allen wrench and screw. This is a good idea so the screws don't fall into the press or get lost.


3.  This photo shows the blanket tension assembly with the long bolts removed. Next, bolt on the Quick Change Blanket Bars with the bolts provided.


4.  Two things to consider when placing the blanket tension assembly with the Quick Change Blanket Bars back on the press. First, use the center tension wheel to move the bars closer together so you can see the screw holes and make it easier to attach. Second, use masking tape to hold the screws to the allen wrench. This way the screw won't get away from you.


5.  Now, simply hook the blanket on the Quick Change Blanket Bars and ONLY finger tighten the blanket. Next, run one or two sheets and finger tighten again. Finger tightening should be enough.


RYOBI 3302, ITEK 3985 OR AB DICK 9985.

This set consists of 4 bars for two blanket cylinders and 8 bolts, PostPaid Priority Mail. Please specify your press.             



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