How to Make
Rubber Stamps
With Your Computer

Stamp making doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. A stamp making device can be put together for less than $100. 

Now text and artwork created with your computer and printed on Transparency Film for Laser Printers has really simplified how stamps are made.

Granthams VHS video "How to Make Rubber Stamps" takes the mystery out of the process.  The one-hour video shows how we make stamps in our shop. After 40 years in the industry, you learn a few tricks.

Create your design for the stamp die so the image you want to stamp is white on a black background. Make your print on Transparency Film for Laser Printers instead of paper to make the negative.

The stamp resin is liquid, about as fluid as honey. When exposed to ultraviolet light, it changes to a rubber-like solid. 

The toner on the transparency (negative) film acts like a mask, to hold back the ultraviolet light, while the clear areas let the light  through, hardening the resin.

The unexposed areas of the resin remain liquid. Stamp resin is water soluble, so unexposed resin can be washed away with tap water.

The negative is placed on a piece of glass. Foam weather stripping is placed around the image to contain the stamp resin. Stamp resin is poured directly on the negative.

A base sheet is placed on the stamp resin puddle. A second glass goes on top. Both glass pieces have magnetic strips on their edges to hold them together and also act as bearers to make sure stamp dies are a uniform thickness.

Two exposures are made with ultraviolet light. The first through the back side to make base for the detail. The second thru the negative side.

Black areas of the negative hold back the light, preventing the stamp resin from being hardened by the ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light is also known as black light.

The negative is "peeled" away from the partially finished die, revealing the detail and uncured resin.

Uncured resin is washed away in tap water. After washout, the die is given a final exposure in tap water, blotted dry and mounted to make the finished stamp.

Dies made from liquid photopolymer are quickest and least expensive for one of a kind dies. Hard sheet photopolymer is used as a master when the same design will be mass produced.

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